About us

The Health in All Data Collective is a multi-disciplinary community of health system researchers and professionals committed to harnessing the power of data, and designing inclusive digital health solutions.

Why We Exist

We know our current health system does not work for everyone. As we embrace digital transformation, we must correct these inequities, not perpetuate them.

Hospitals are adopting new technologies daily, and the consumer digital health market is growing faster than ever, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst this rapid growth, we need to pause and take the time to reflect together across the system with values-aligned professionals. We must unpack what inclusive design and equitable access means for marginalized communities. This work doesn’t have to happen in silos; we can collaborate and learn together. 

As we learn, we acknowledge that we have a responsibility to do better when we know better. We have been building learning resources that help our community integrate these conversations with their teams and organizations. 

Our Goals

Build a learning community of industry professionals, researchers, and policy leaders working in digital health.

Create a culture of curiosity and host compassionate conversations about these emerging issues to support collaborations and learning vs. siloed approaches.

Support this community to unpack the trends and tensions around the ethical and equitable use of health data and build a shared language across the ecosystem.

Empower community members to share these conversations with their teams and organizations, and bring new ideas and questions into their work using infographics and case studies paired with reflection questions.

Our Values



We understand change and uncertainty can breed fear. We set community agreements in our sessions and create braver spaces where we can ask the hard questions and learn together.

Curiosity & Critical Thinking

We understand these conversations are complex, and we hope to provide a shared language and frameworks that help us ask good questions and navigate the road ahead



We know it isn’t easy to lead equity work within healthcare, so we honour the courage it takes to step into this leadership by also being courageous with the topics and speakers we bring to this community


Systems change is a team sport, and we will go further faster if we go together, so we are committed to connecting our networks.